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Traditionally, remapping services is only available from specialized shops. With cutting edge technology and leveraging the opportunities the Internet gives us, we're able to provide you with a top quality remapping service wherever you may live!

We offer free worldwide shipping with every purchase.

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Work faster and more efficient with a more powerful engine, allowing you to experience a considerable increase in uphill speed and the ability to pull heavier equipment.

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Release the full potential of your car, releasing more power and torque while saving on fuel consumption for a vastly superior driving experience.

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Customize the performance of your luxury supercar. Every remapping job we do is customized and tailored to your car. Driving the way you always were meant to drive.

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Who we are

Powerconsoul.com consists of a team of dedicated, creative and highly skilled people. We have been working with chip tuning and engine optimization for over a decade.

Unlocking the full potential of vehicles is our passion, and we only use the best programmers and software designers in the world. Our developers and software engineers have over 15 years of experience and have designed software for several thousand vehicles.

Our ingenious device makes it easy for anyone to optimize their vehicle from the comfort of their own home. Consoles from Powerconsoul are run on a unique software we have programmed ourselves, and is equipped with a touchscreen guiding you through a step by step wizard, optimizing vehicles has never been easier.

we want to help you

We want to help car owners, farmers, and tractor operators have an easier life and get a better return on their investment.

In order to ensure that our customers get the quality we feel they deserve, we invest a lot of our time in research and development.

No two different vehicle models are the same, which is why we tailor every chip remapping job we do to the vehicle we are working on. That’s the only way you can unlock the full potential of a vehicle without disturbing any of its safety functions.

Safety is incredibly important to us! We will never compromise safety in our quest of enhancing the performance of any vehicle. Nor will a chip remapping job done by us cause any long-term damage to your vehicle.