Benefits of chip remapping for carsOrder now!

Think about how much time and money you already have put into your car. For all that money spent, running on default software settings, your car is far from running optimally. Meaning, you are losing out on enjoying the full potential of it.

A finely tuned engine will deliver enhanced performance and even save on fuel consumption. With our innovative products and services, we will help you optimize your engine without compromising safety.

How does it work?

Most modern car engines contain an ECU (Engine Control Unit), this is effectively a small computer with software controlling how the engine works. The ECU is more or less an engine’s brain, controlling signals and different parameters on how it should run. At default software settings, the ECU is far from optimized.

Optimizing a vehicle means replacing the default software settings in the ECU, which will unlock the full potential of your car.

You can read a more detailed description of this process by clicking here.

Get a better driving experience with a more powerful engine

Driving in a finely tuned engine will not only release more power and performance. Extra torque will release more pulling power at lower revolutions, allowing you to use lower gears than before. Fewer gear changes and more power will deliver an experience driving your car you haven’t felt before.

The enhanced performance comes without any additional weight. The changes done to your engine is merely a software optimization.

How can a more powerful engine save on fuel consumption?

We’re now entering a technical territory which is complex. The simple answer is that by optimizing an engine, the different components will work more efficiently together. A more efficient engine allows you to reap the benefits of enhanced performance along with a reduction in fuel consumption.

If you want a more detailed insight, feel free to contact us.

Is it safe?

A proper job will never cause any damage to your engine. How much you can push an engine is different from model to model. Our software designers, have over 15 years of experience remapping several thousand different vehicles, and will never get close to the limits of component failure.

We will always enhance the power and performance of your engine within safe limits.

How much can I boost my car’s performance?

As mentioned in the section above, we only tune engines within safe limits. The results you can expect vary depending on which car model you own. As a guide, you can expect a 15 – 30% boost in power, and reap the benefits of:

  • Increased performance
  • Increased torque
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • A more comfortable driving experience

Additionally, the power console can be programmed to stop the use of the AdBlue system, which can be turned back on again if required.

We can also deactivate the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system if you like. Deactivating the EGR-system saves your engine a lot of wear and potentially future repairing costs.

The power console comes with a built-in diagnostics system, giving you the ability to read and delete fault codes in your car.

Are you able to tune any car?

Unfortunately, no. We specialize in tuning selected cars and models. Check with the database we have linked below to see how much of an enhancement in performance we can give your car’s engine.

Click here to find your car.

Why Powerconsoul?

As mentioned before, we have a team of software developers and designers with a vast experience in the field. We have worked with chip tuning and engine optimization for over a decade, and have designed software for several thousand vehicles.

Although we’re giving you enhanced performance, we stress that we never compromise a vehicle’s safety and durability to increase power. Our tuning process has total control over all parameters at any moment and doesn’t disturb any safety functions by deceiving the system.

The only way of retaining safety while enhancing performance is through remapping and tuning a car’s software settings.

Moreover, every tuning done by us is unique, and designed to get the most out of your car!

Customer satisfaction

Powerconsoul values satisfied customers. If you’re not 100% satisfied with our products and services, e offer a full refund through our 30 days unlimited return period.